My husband Ernie and I are just ordinary people that love the Lord.  We have felt a call to come to Haiti and share Christ love.

Ernie began coming to Haiti about a year after the earthquake and has worked on many projects with Texas Baptist Men in partnership with the organization We Care Haiti.  That included rebuilding classroom for Croix Hillarie Baptist Church and school and putting a new roof on their church.  The next vision was to build a number of small homes as well as large homes out on the peninsula in an area called Belo.  I joined Ernie on the mission field in April 2014 as they were finishing up the first large home.  These building were complete about a year ago. We have hosted many teams over the last few years as we share the gospel and our lives with our wonderful neighbors and lead churches to partner with orphanages and children’s homes in need of help in Haiti.  The friendships we have made are so precious to us.  We hope to continue working and ministering to these friends for many years to come.

In December 2015 we felt God calling us in a new direction. Child Hope International  in Port-au-Prince was in need of some one to help implement an improved woodworking shop for their transition home to teach young men furniture building skills. Ernie has felt for sometime that God wanted him to use his woodworking skills to teach young men so it seems to be a perfect fit.   You can learn more about Child Hope at their website. (Childhope.org)

God has given us such a love for the people of Haiti and we are excited to see how he will continue to work through us on this journey.



One thought on “About

  1. Terri Elliott

    I pray God will sustain you in your efforts. That everyone who encounters, or observes you has the experience of witnessing God’s love and wise provision for all mankind.

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