Sunday morning


This past Sunday morning, in the church here in Cap Destree, visiting pastor Silvio preached a compelling sermon on repentance based on Acts 3:19. The Holy Spirit’s presence was evident so afterwards brother Tony gave an alter call for repentance. Brother Daniel, the oldest member of the church, started to move out of his pew. Daniel walks in a stoop and relies heavily on his long cane to help him get around. He slowly made his way to in front of the lectern, painfully lowered himself to his knees then to all fours then he put his forehead to the ground. He began to sob.

The pews emptied as others followed in like kind.  I was asked to join the leaders in praying over the repentant. I could not. I had to join those who felt remorse.

Most of the time I hold to the idea that God has sent me to Haiti to give to the Haitians. Quite probably it is the other way around. Knowing Gods economy I am certain it is both.




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