Prayer request


Recently Pastor Phenix Bail’s wife, Marie Raymonde, discovered a lump in her breast and it became painful. She made several trips to Port au Prince to see doctors for consultation and diagnosis. The doctor told her she needs surgery but did not and would not explain what the issue is.

None of us have any  confidence‎ in having her treated in Haiti. Consequently steps are being taken to get her care in the US.

Ash Creek Baptist Church in Azle Texas is spearheading the effort. A member of the church is head of a hospital there and is coordinating the diagnostics and consutation. Upon diagnosis we will consider possible options for recomended treatment. Another member has contributed toward flights to get her to Dallas. Another member is looking for Creole or French speakers to assist in translating from the local college.  ‎Lodging and local transportation plans are still in process.

Please place Marie Raymonde on your prayer list and enlist as many prayer warriors that you can ‎to pray on her behalf.

We want that Pastor Phenix travel with his wife as she goes through this ordeal. We need financial help for his travel and for their local in-country expenses. ‎Good For Haiti is now operational so any funds given can go there. The couple is ready travel as early as this weekend.

‎Thank you for you concern, help and prayer!

Pastor Bail and his wife, Marie with Wesley Shotwell in Haiti.



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