Noblesse Oblige


I was introduced to this phrase by Pierce Brosnan in one of the movies he was in. I don’t remember the context in which it was used but the sound of it and the meaning of it has caught my attention in recent days.

Pronounced no bless ‎oh bleeg with the g pronounced like the ending sound of garage it is French in origin. It contains the idea that those who enjoy privilege (nobility) should feel an obligation towards the people of the community in which they live.

While I enjoy a relationship with Pastor Phenix Bail ‎in which we are working together almost every day I do not get to see his wife as much. Consequently getting to know her has been a longer process. ‎I have come to realize that noblesse oblige is a powerful motivator for her. She was raised in a family who was and is very active in the communities they live in. She was taught and brought up in a lifestyle of serving. What strikes me about her is that she does not now look at it as duty or something she is expected to do. It is a passion bordering on obsession with her.

As she talks about the condition of the children on Tapion Mountain when she and Phenix first started their ministry here she struggles to control her emotions fighting back tears. ‎It is a mind set of service that motivated her to run for the office of mayor in Petit Goave. Not only does she use the office to leverage national resources to benefit “her people” but she uses a majority of her salary to help fund the school and church in Cap Destree.

‎Phenix and Marie Raymonde are not wealthy people. In fact they live very modestly as working folks. This duo is not working from a worldly nobility but rather from their inheritance from Christ. You see they know they are of the family of a King. With such wealth how can they not reach out to those who don’t know the King?

I am humbled. I came to teach. I have become a student.



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