An update from Ernie


As many of you know I (Sharon) have moved back to the states and am working.  Ernie is continuing to go back and forth to Haiti.  He was home here in Texas this past month and just returned a little over a week ago.  He has written an update which I am posting here.  I will try to start doing post again more regularly giving updates of what is happening in Haiti.

Please pray for Ernie’s left foot.  Before he left he had swelling and pain which the doctor feels was an infection from some chigger bites.  It is improving but this past week he did have to go to see an American doctor in Haiti.  Pray for complete healing of this foot.

Here is Ernie’s update:

“It has been a whirlwind of activity since I came back to Petit Goave. Opening the house after being gone so long took some time. One pleasant surprise was the noticeable absence of ants. I am not sure if they found no food and lost interest or if the measures I took finally took effect.  But I am cautiously optimistic. 

Longtime friend Dukenson came for a weekend stay. He is preparing for his upcoming wedding in July. He is getting married in Pastor Marc’s church in Belo and his fiancées family live in Aquin. My house is on the route from Port au Prince to Aquin. 

He and I are designing and building a bed for him for his new life so we spent two wonderful days in the wood shop making sawdust!  We will continue to work on it when he can come back. 

We had lots of time to catch up but the time went too fast. He was explaining the many costs of the wedding. One of the costs involves the wedding cake. This led to a thought about baking it ourselves instead of having it done. Sharon’s cake pans are here and I have an oven so we talked about box mixes, icing, and cake layering and other manly talk (it was late at night). And since my house is close to the church and since I have an oven we considered that he and I can bake and assemble the cake and we discussed the steps that might be involved to do so. (ok! Who laughed out loud!?!)

Fortunately better sense finally prevailed and we decide that Charlene, his bride to be, might be more capable than us. ‎We have plans for her to come test recipes in my house and Dukey and I will be the critics. (requires tasting of the cake)

Interesting tidbit I learned while he was here. Charlene is a twin and her brother’s name is Charly. So the Ch in her name is pronounced so it sounds like Charly not Charlotte. ‎ Very confusing during introduction since Charly Rikenson  (not Charlenes brother) and Dukenson are lifelong friends. 

 ‎There is no end to the fun I can have with my two friends with this name game. 

My collaboration with Haiti Arise continues to be strong. This organization, based in Canada, brings teams into Haiti in the fall and spring, on average about two teams per month. This allows Marc and Lisa the directors as well as Canadian staff to take vacation time during the summer. 

This in no way slows down the activities on the two campuses they have in Grand Goave. Their woodshop, under my supervision, is beginning fabrication of kitchen cabinets for two children’s homes this week. Haiti Arise ministers to abandoned and orphaned children placing them in smaller homes with house parents and about six children. These cabinets will go into two of these newly constructed homes.  

Last week there were trades classes held for masonry work, ceramic tile installation, and window and door building. Each class had fifteen to twenty students in attendance and were conducted in an area right outside the woodshop. Some of the students craned their necks to see what we were doing in the shop. Others came into the shop to see the techniques we were using up close.  ‎I am very encouraged to see such keen interest by the Haitian students and their capacity to learn. 

I am preparing for a team of 20 coming to Haiti this month. The team from Ash Creek Baptist Church of Azle, Texas is led by longtime friend ‎ Pastor Wesley Shotwell. They are poised to paint the primary school at Tapion Mountan (Cap Destree) and to conduct vacation bible school and any other ministry that presents itself. The school is owned by the church led by Pastor Phenix Bail (pronounced Buy) and is an arm of their ministry to the community that is renowned for its voodoo practices. 

Ash Creek has supported this difficult ministry for several years and continues to look for effective ways to support without hurting.

Our fledgling organization, Good For Haiti, is partnering with Pastor Phenix’ ministry ‎ to create an industrial arts school to teach wood working and furniture building.  

Please continue to pray for this partnership and this ministry that endeavors to be self-sustaining and Haitian led.”

Thank you so much for supporting us.  We could not serve without this support.  God is so good to supply our needs.

The link for online giving is:

For checks, make them payable to BGCT and send it to the following address with a note that it is for Ernie & Sharon Rice’s ministry in Haiti:

7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75231-2310



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