New happenings


The clinic next to our Bon Repos house opened last week and they have really been busy! Here are a few pics. Rachel has a devotional with the doctors and nurses each morning before they start seeing patients. Normally patients are lining up way before 8:30 when the clinic opens.

IMG_2709 (640x480)

IMG_2702 (480x640)


IMG_2706 (640x480)

Ernie, Jason, Sue, Nathan and I returned to the mountain on Monday. It was so good to be back home on the mountain.

IMG_2731 (640x480)

Love this view

I so missed all my friends and children here. Once back people start coming with their ailments. We really need a nurse out here. Praying for that. If we are friends on Facebook you know about some of the children I saw this week. Jeff came with a swollen foot and had a big cut on the bottom of his foot that was infected. Next came Esther who is 6 or 7, she had healing burns on her shoulders and buttocks. So painful to look at. Some of the guaze the doctors had put on it was stuck and her mom couldn’t get it off. I had to use some sterile saline to moisten it for about 15 minutes in order to get it loosened up to remove. Esther is such a beautiful little girl and I am still don’t understand how these burns happened. She is coming each day for me to put ointment on it and make sure it is healing. Please pray for these children and others with assorted cuts, scrapes, fungus and bumps.

Lots of babies on the mountain and all the moms have come to see me this week. Shmalynn is growing so fast and she looks great, Loumen seems to be taking good care of her.  Ashley (Kenlove, Julie, Tata and Ludenisky’s baby sister) is getting big (she is a few months old now) and it seems like her care has been taken over by her sister Julie (age 9) and other young girls (ages probably 11-12) but she does look like she is growing. Some days it is really hard not to want to do everything like we do it in America but Sue pointed out to me that in many countries it is up to the older siblings to take care of the younger ones. Next I got to meet the newest baby on the mountain, Blondize(sp?) she is Dave, Jacque, Fabie and Daushca’s baby sister. She was born while we were in Texas and she is beautiful. Please keep all these precious babies in prayer. Life of babies in Haiti is pretty tough.

Sue and Smylynn

Sue holding Schmylynn

Tata, Julie and Ashley

Tata, Julie and Ashley



It was wonderful to be greeted by my lady friends here on the mountain, Madame Jean Claude, Madame Francique, Loumen and Madame Sinclair. Such sweet ladies.

Roosevelt Sinclair from the local school came by this week asking if I could find help for him at the school. They need help purchasing books, school supplies as well as paying teachers. I have been praying about the best ways to actually help this school. I think maybe purchasing books and supplementing the teacher’s salaries may be the right way to help.  Praying for God to provide the resources and wisdom on how to use it.   I also shared with him that we had some educators that were interested in coming in and doing some training with his teachers and he was very receptive to this.

We drove back to Bon Repoes last night so that  Ernie can put the roof on the other side of the clinic in order for there to be an outside classroom to teach health and hygiene to the patients.

As always we ask you to keep us in your prayers.


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