Joy and Sorrow


When we returned Haiti we found out that Mr. Thene had gone to be with the Lord. While we were sorry to hear of his passing we can rejoice because we know he is with the Lord!

Mr. Thene was 96 years old and one of his grandson’s brought him to our door steps out on the mountain back in May when the team from Universal City was here. His leg was very badly infected and he was in danger of death. James took him to Port-au-Prince for medical care. There were no rooms in the hospitals so we housed Mr. Thene at our mission house in Bon Repos while he received daily treatments at the hospital. During his stay at our mission house Charly was able to share the gospel with Mr. Thene and Mr. Thene accepted the Lord into his life as did his grandson, who was staying with him and helping in his care.

While we will miss Mr. Thene here we rejoice in knowing we will see him again one day in heaven! The picture below was after Mr. Thene had accepted the Lord and he was telling us that we were now all his brothers and sisters in Christ.  Such a precious memory.

Mr. Thene

Mr. Thene


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