Universal City


We have made so many new friends this week from First Baptist Universal City!  What a blessing they were to us and our team.  They were such encouragers and they were really great workers.  They worked in dental clinic, building beds for orphans, making pavers, building a retaining wall, laying sidewalk, telling bible stories to children and of course loving on kids and adults throughout the day.  .  On Sunday we went to church and then headed down to the coast for lunch and to visit  Fort Olivier.  It was a fun day of rest and exploring.  Probably my favorite part of the day is when we came back and sat after dinner in the dining room and just started singing and praising God.  What a wonderful time that was.

On our way back to Port-au-Prince we visited some of the orphanages we support with high nutrition food.  Many of them need major help with construction projects and needs at the orphanages.

We can’t thank this team enough for their wonderful attitudes and willingness to serve wherever they were needed.  I hope and pray that this is a relationship that will continue to grow for years to come.

Here are just a few pictures from their time here, unfortunately I didn’t get out to take many pictures

IMG_2016 (800x600)

IMG_2028 (800x600) IMG_2022 (800x600) IMG_2016 (800x600) IMG_2011 (800x600) IMG_2010 (800x600) IMG_1995 (800x600) IMG_1977 (800x600) IMG_1975 (800x600) IMG_1974 (800x600) IMG_1972 (800x600) IMG_1970 (800x600) IMG_1967 (800x600) IMG_1962 (800x600) IMG_1960 (800x600) IMG_1943 (800x600) IMG_1940 (800x600) IMG_1937 (800x600) IMG_1936 (800x600) IMG_1930 (800x600) IMG_1924 (800x600) IMG_1915 (800x600) IMG_1914 (800x600) IMG_1910 (800x600) IMG_1906 (800x600)

IMG_2037 (800x600)

IMG_2001 (800x600)

P.S.  I want a picture of you guys singing in creole at church!!


One thought on “Universal City

  1. Linda Bishop

    Good to hear from you as always. Wed. nite we talked about you and prayed for you. Glad your recent team was so helpful. I’m sure it was a blessing. Hope your visit stateside was great and had time to love on your grandbaby. Prayers and love to us.

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