Busy times in Texas


We arrived in Texas on the 1st and head back on Monday.  It has been a very busy time.  Jake and Raine as well as sweet little Jake Casey are moving into our house, which means we have to pack up and clean out most of our stuff.  Thankfully they will use most of our furniture so it is just all the clothes and personal items that we have to deal with, but can I just say after 15 years – that’s a lot of STUFF!!  I have bags and bags of clothes for garage sale or thrift store.  Thankfully a friend of mine (thanks Becky) is having a garage sale soon and has agreed to put them in her sale.  What doesn’t sell will go to the thrift store for women’s shelter.

We have had numerous doctor appointments while here and it is good to get them out of the way.

Thankfully we have been able to visit with teams that are going to be coming this summer and also speak at the Senior event at El Shaddai, which is close to Yorktown, as well as at some churches. It is always such an encouragement to visit with people in our association and love how everyone is so supportive of our mission effort in Haiti.

A big thank you to the ladies in our home church for showering us with more of the goodies we need ongoing in Haiti.  They are such a blessing to Ernie and I.

Mother’s day weekend was so fun! While it was tight quarters for everyone with all the packing going on, both Jake, Raine and Jake Casey and Austin and Courtney were with us.  Love being able to spend time with family.  On Mother’s day, Raine’s parents also came down which was an added treat. Did I mention Carl brought yummy smoked turkey for lunch!

Starting to miss Haiti and our brothers and sisters there.

We head back on Monday and ask that you pray with us for the upcoming summer time.  We have 7 teams coming this summer and we will be very busy.  Pray that God will be glorified by all that we do.  Pray for discernment on what orphanages we should focus on and how we can best serve them. Pray for flexibility of the teams.  Pray for health and stamina for Ernie, myself and our staff in handling all the teams.  Pray that the generator stays operational and vehicles have no problems.  Pray that lives are changed both for the people in Haiti and the people coming to Haiti this summer.






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