Dirty Porch


front porch

This is the front porch of the big house.  As you can see it is rather dirty and this picture doesn’t really get close enough for you to see how really dirty it is.  There are hand prints and feet prints all over it.  There may even be a little peanut butter.  It is very frustrating trying to keep things clean and looking nice.  Many times I even get a little angry that the kids don’t respect and want to keep our house clean.  We have even tried getting the kids in on the cleaning which they are happy to help with but in no time it looks like this again, sometimes the next day.  As I was sharing with God my frustration He gently told me, “Sharon haven’t you prayed to be a light to these children on this mountain.  Don’t you want them to come and hear what you want to share with them.  Don’t you want them to feel loved.”  You see when they are putting those prints on the walls and window seals they are usually trying to look in and see what I/we are doing and to let us know they are outside.  Many times you will hear them on the porch singing God Is So Good or Louie Louie and you can’t help but smile.  They come with their booboos and want to have them cleaned and bandaged or they want to be held and feel like someone loves them and feel they are safe.  I don’t think many of them get many hugs and told that they are loved.  I want them to know that we love them and even more importantly they are loved by an awesome God.

Please pray that God continues to grow me to be the person He wants me to be to these precious children.


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