Fun with interns


God has blessed us with two of the sweetest young women.  Morgan and Chandler are both delightful and really complement each other in strengths and weaknesses.  I love how God put them together for this journey and sent them here to us.  They are refreshing.

Their ESL classes are going great and new people seem to show up at each class.  The girls have also been going down to one of the schools to play with kids during recess and then doing some teaching as well.

Advanced ESL class

Advanced ESL class

They are developing some good friendships with some of the older girls too and have had some cooking classes with them as well as just visiting and getting to know them better.

Pray for them as people start asking questions about God and who Jesus is and what they believe about the bible.  These questions are starting to come and it is exciting to see how God is using them.

We have been having a Tuesday night bible study together and it has just been such a great time of study and fellowship together.

We have also had our crazy moments of laughing about some pretty silly things.  The making of chicken parmesan was very comical – you had to be there to appreciate it.  But after many distractions and things to overcome (such as bugs in the breadcrumbs and the pounding of the chicken) we had some very yummy chicken parmesan.  This was a big deal because James brought us a bunch of frozen chicken breast, you have no idea how wonderful it was to see chicken breast after all the chicken legs we have eaten.  We were praising God for these!  I never knew how much I could appreciate something as simple as chicken breast.

I also wanted to let everyone know that Naftalie is doing much better and her sweet smile is back.  Swelling in face is all gone and she is back to playing and wanted to do all our clapping games.

Naftalie's smile is back!

Naftalie’s smile is back!

playing with kids

Playing on the porch


We took a walk to visit our neighbors one morning.  It was a beautiful day!

Visiting some of the neighbors

Visiting some of the neighbors

Loumen's family

Loumen’s family

On this outing to visit our neighbors we also passed by a gentleman that was building his stack of wood to burn into charcoal.  It’s a pretty interesting process.

pile for charcoal

pile for charcoal

On our last trip into Port au Prince we stopped and visited with Nich at Respire Café.  Nich and Morgan are friends from college and the funny thing is, Nich is from LaVernia – small world!  He has been doing and internship at Respire and will be returning to Texas next week.  We had lunch at the café and then he took us on a tour of the school they have up on the mountain.  Very neat ministry there.  Megan Boudreaux is the founder and she has a great story.  She has written a book about her work in Haiti called “Miracle on Voodoo Mountain”  – great book I highly recommend.

Respire café in Gressier

Respire café in Gressier

Last week on Monday we had a visit from some of Jame’s friends that live in the McKinney and Frisco area.  There were pastors, nurses and doctors with them.  Ellen works with a nursing school here in Haiti and has been working with the Haitian medical community for many years.  They were here for meetings and work in Port au Prince but came out to the mountain one day to see all the progress that has been made and look at possibilities of clinics in Belo.  It was really fun have some Texans visit with us for the evening.

friends from Dallas area

Continue to pray for us and for God’s guidance in all that we do.  Pray for the children that will be placed in our house.  Pray for the girls that I mentioned in my last blog. Pray for rain, we are still very dry and in need of some good soaking rains.


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