Homesick for Haiti


Well we are finally ready to head back to Haiti later this week!  So excited!  I really, really miss all my Christian brothers and sisters in Haiti as well as all the kids!  Can’t wait to see everyone!  I know all things are in God’s timing and this trip has been a lesson in patience and waiting.

It’s funny when we are here we miss our friends in Haiti and when we are in Haiti we miss our friends and family in the states.  I guess there just is always a longing either way.

We have had a great time in the states and am so thankful that we have been able to make contact with many of the teams that will be coming this summer (we have a full summer) and have also had the opportunity to meet up with dear friends from the past!  God is so good to weave people in and out of our lives throughout our lifetime.

This past Saturday I was also able to go to my niece, Sarah’s, baby shower in Victoria.

Cute cake!


She looks so cute!  What fun that was!! Can’t wait to see baby Ethan’s pictures when he arrives next month!

Please pray for safe travel this week.  I will post again when we are back in Haiti!

Blessing to all!



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