Waiting and waiting


Ernie’s heart test came back good.  There was a little blockage but nothing that needed any stents, praise the Lord!  While he was asleep having this done the doctor did note that his oxygen levels went down and pressure in his heart changed and therefore felt that Ernie has sleep apnea.  After waiting for insurance verification the test were preformed and yes he does have sleep apnea.  Now we are waiting for the test results to get to the doctor so we can get the CPAP machine.  I know patience, but sometimes it is frustrating waiting, we are ready to get back to work in Haiti!!  I am homesick for our Haiti home now!

Since we have to wait until Thursday to see the doctor again, we are going to go to the Dallas area this weekend so that we can meet with numerous people then head back here on Wednesday for  appoint on Thursday.  Hopefully we will be headed to Haiti on the weekend!!!.   So please pray that we can get all the sleep apnea machine and supplies on Thursday. Did I mention that Ernie broke a tooth Thursday night, LOL.

I am not sure why we have had so much waiting on this trip, but I have to trust that it is all in God’s timing not ours.  The great thing is we have been able to meet with numerous teams that are coming this summer and have plans to meet another team this weekend.  It has also been a time to pray and reflect on our purpose in Haiti.  Sometimes getting away helps you see things from a different perspective.

Thank you to all of you who have been praying for us during this waiting as well as the calls, emails and encouragement, it mean a lot to us.



2 thoughts on “Waiting and waiting

  1. phyllis

    Good to find out about the sleep disorder. Hoping the mask will help!mgetrimg the tooth fixed/pulled here is probably a good idea too! Praying that all the details will be worked out. You have gotten to enjoy your sweet grandson while you’ve been home!

  2. Linda Bishop

    thanks for keeping us in the loop. Glad to hear the tests turned out well. My brother has sleep apnea and the CPAP will certainly help. Hope you get to go to your “other home” soon. We talked about you on Wed night and had prayer for you. We send our love and prayers. Linda

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