Loss of a dear friend in Haiti


Our good friend and pastor of Croix Hillaire Baptist Church, Neance Odera, passed away this week, on October 29th.  Working with Pastor Odera was one of Ernie’s first projects here in Haiti.  This is where, with TBM, classrooms were built that were destroyed in the earthquake.  Also a new roof was installed on the church and work on a water house.  We went to church often here and actually attended this past Sunday,  we didn’t know it would be our last visit with Pastor Odera.

The following is something Ernie wrote to share with friends about Pastor Odera.

“Long time kingdom worker Pastor Neance Odera went to be with his Lord this morning. He suffered from a heart condition for several years and was being treated for it. He was driving to PaP to attend a funeral when he evidently had a heart attack. He managed to get the vehicle off the road and no passengers were hurt.

Pastor Odera loved his Lord, loved his church and his community. But most of all he loved children and worked tirelessly to better their lives through an introduction to Jesus and through education.

He lead his church to build a school that has grown to over 450 students and is now in a building program to add six more classrooms.
A lover of music he lead choirs with a masters touch and passed his knowledge on to several protégés to carry on so music can be enjoyed in church past his lifetime. He played the accordion and wrote songs and music.

A gentle demeanor and soft spoken manner coexisted with a steel discipline and a passionate fire that evidenced itself when he was speaking from the pulpit or correcting errant students.

He was the epitome of the word shepherd and I consider him to be my pastor here in Haiti.”

He will be missed by all.

I wish I had a picture of him at the pulpit, but here is one taken when we were at his house once and he is visiting with Charly.

Pastor visiting with Charly

Pastor visiting with Charly



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