Fun in Texas


Well it has been busy since we have been in Texas.  The highlight of course was meeting this little guy!


Jake Casey

Yes he is the sweetest, cutest baby ever!

Note the shirt says "Current Family Favorite"

Note the shirt says “Current Family Favorite”

Jake and nanaBoth boys, their wives, and of course Jake Casey, came down on Friday and were here over the weekend. It was so good to have them all together.  Love my family!!  There was a baby shower at church on Saturday where Jake Casey received all kinds of fun and cute baby stuff.

It has been fun also catching up with all my friends!  God has blessed us with so many wonderful people that we get to call our friends.  It has been a blessing to see all the peanut butter that has been collected and money for the purchase of peanut butter.  It will be fun to start giving out some sandwiches to kids after school as well as share peanut butter with some of our friends in Haiti.

We traveled to Dallas on Sunday afternoon and had some excitement on the way.  The front tire on the passenger side decided to separate and flew up and broke the side mirror.  Thankfully we were able to hobble over to a truck stop in Temple and they gave us the name of a person who came over and put on another tire for us.  Praising God that we were able to find some one on Sunday after 5 pm that had a tire and would come and put it on!  The rest of the drive was uneventful, I just had to be Ernie’s side mirror and make sure no one was coming when we needed to change lanes.

We will be heading back to Haiti next week!  While it has been great being here I do miss our friends in Haiti.  Can’t wait to get hugs from all the kids and visit with them and get ready for the next group we have coming in.

Blessings to you!






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