Great teams from Resurrection Baptist Church


Internet is sporadic today so trying to get this post done quickly!

We had 2 teams back to back from Resurrection Baptist Church led by Bro. Don Jeffreys, the second team headed home this afternoon.  It was great!  They brought medical teams, children’s teams and handy men/ladies.  My numbers may be wrong but I know it was over 450 people that were seen by the medical team.  The children’s team stayed busy each day with activities for the kids and the handymen/ladies did whatever they were asked to do!  The gospel was shared with many while they were here.  They worked both out on the mountain and back in Port-au-Prince.  I didn’t get many pictures taken as I was in the kitchen a lot and on the go when we were in town. (the ones I have tried to upload today are not cooperating so will have to add pictures another day)  They promised that they would post all the pics that were taken on shutterfly so I can pull some from there once they get back home.  We and the people they helped all appreciate everything they did.  It is so much fun making so many new friends that are brothers and sisters in Christ.

I wanted to give an update on sweet little Nathanaelle.  She was moved yesterday from the hospital and is staying in a wonderful children’s home right now while she works on gaining weight and strength, but so far she is doing well. She is still under 4 lbs.  She is definitely a fighter, please continue to keep her in your prayers.

We now have our tickets to Texas for September 5th and will stay until September 29.  Look forward to catching up with everyone and of course can’t wait for the grandbaby’s arrival!




2 thoughts on “Great teams from Resurrection Baptist Church

  1. Earl and Linda Bishop

    So great to hear from you guys. Talking about you last night at church and prayed for you. Know you are exciting about coming to Texas. Hope we get to see you. I am sure you will be fascinated with a new baby. Love and blessings to you both. Linda and Earl

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