Lots happening


Well as I posted on Facebook we had a pretty difficult week last week.  The birth of a premature baby, Natanaelle, the death of a 2 1/2 week old baby and the death of a mother of a 15 day old baby.  We are seeing many babies with needs, mainly education of parents.  Mothers here just don’t seem to understand the importance of breast feeding. Many try feed babies food.  It is just a different culture and much training to be done.  We want to make sure the pregnant and new mom are eating our high nutrition food and getting fresh clean drinking water.

Here is a picture of sweet little Natanaelle.  I am glad to report that she is in neonatal care in Port-au-Prince and seems to be growing and doing well.  Pray for her and for us to have the wisdom to know what to do to help her and her family situation.
NathanaelleWe have had a very busy few days.  Ernie and I are now sleeping in the big house.  No it is not completely finished.  But we are in!  Hopefully the team arriving today will be helping to get us organized and continue with painting.  We will be having a clinic at the house tomorrow and Saturday and they are estimating between 200 and 300 people will be seen.  A team of 15 arrives today and will be here until next Thursday and at that time another team from same church will arrive making another team of 13.  Please pray for stamina!

Formica on counter tops

Formica on counter tops for bathrooms

Ernie installing tile on kitchen countertop

Ernie installing tile on kitchen countertop for bathrooms

The last team here helped by sanding and painting some blocks that I had collected from Ernie’s wood pile. He will also be cutting me some more blocks as well so we can sand and paint some more.  Who needs to buy building blocks when you can make them!  As you can see below the kids love playing with the few we have so far along with a few big legos. Love to watch them create!

kids playing
kids playing1
kid playing 2







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