Monday in Bon Repos


It is Monday and we were supposed to travel back to the mountain (Belo) today, but Charly, our interpreter is now sick with the Chikungunya fever that has been spreading rapidly.  It seems like most of the mosquitos now have this in their systems because it is sure spreading fast.  Maybe it travels other ways as well, I don’t know and I don’t think the doctors do either.  So we will be staying at the guest house in Bon Repos at least another day or two since Ernie needs to stay to make sure some containers of food get off the docks and unloaded in the proper places.  Logistics is always fun here.  But this delays work on the big house – oh well…..flexibility is the name of the game in Haiti.

So since I still have good 3g internet I thought I might as well do another post.  It is hard not having many people to talk to so I guess you are who I talk to:-) here and on Facebook.

Pastor Jean Claude meets with the children on the mountain every Saturday morning around 10 am.  They sing church songs, and also just fun songs. He talks with them and just tries to make some good connections and fun for the kids.  I had ask him if it would be ok for me to join him when I was there on Saturdays and possibly do some bible stories(once a Sunday School teacher, always a Sunday School teacher).  He was thrilled with the idea so last Saturday we were there and I was able with Charly interpreting tell the story of creation to them.  Malicia had drawn pictures for each day of the week 1 – 5 and then for the 6th day I gave each child a colored pencil and paper to draw what was created.  They really seemed to enjoy that activity and they seemed to listen to the story and knew the answers when we reviewed them.

Busy drawing man and animals for the 6th day of creation

Busy drawing man and animals for the 6th day of creation

Kids on Sat

We hope this is another step in getting the children interested in learning more about God and wanting to go to church.  I think some of the moms and dads may come and listen as time goes on, at least that is my hope.  Jean Claude said the same thing, if we can get kids to want to come then parents may too.  I envision eventually being able to do some kind of presentation with the kids where they act out some stories and sing some songs.  Some of the kids that day sang some solo songs some I knew like “How Great Though Art” and some I didn’t.  Jean Claude does a clapping song with them for fun and he does something that is sort of like Simon says with them that they love.  I taught them, with Charly and Malicia’s help “If your happy and you know it”  (a few older kids seemed to know it) and they thought that was a lot of fun.  Malicia had also taught the kids “God is so Good” and we sang that as well.  It was a great morning! Looking forward to some more Saturdays!



One thought on “Monday in Bon Repos

  1. Earl and Linda Bishop

    Always good hearing from you. We will be listening when you “talk”. Mailed another package yesterday of some things that came in after the initial box was sent. Also send some little stuffed toys that I have had here for my grandkids. Most have not been played with. Keep up the good work. Love to you both from Smiley FBC. Linda

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