1 Month in Haiti


Wow, I can’t believe it has already been a month.  What is Haiti like?  Well here are some things I have learned.

The majority of the people do not have electricity.  If they do have electricity from the electric company it might be for 1 to 8 hours a day and that is usually at night.  Therefore most do not have refrigerators or many electrical appliances.

Most do not have running water in their houses.  They go to local watering areas to get water.  Many get their water from streams.  If they do have running water it comes from water that has been trucked in and they have large tanks usually on top of their house that get filled, then it is gravity flow into the house.  Hot water is almost nonexistent.

The majority of the Haitians live in a one or two room home.

There is a great need for medical care and dental care – always.

We bandage lots of cuts and booboos from the kids.  Many are on their feet.  Most do not wear shoes.  I have not yet discerned if it is because they don’t have shoes or don’t want to wear them.  I have a feeling it is a little of both.

Many people are hungry and malnourished.  We are trying to help through feeding programs at orphanages and schools.  We also are feeding kids up on the mountain and of course will be doing so in our children’s home once completed.

I have fallen in love with the kids and the people on the mountain.  Still having trouble remembering everyone’s name, but making progress.  Also trying to figure out who is related to who.  Malicia helped me a lot with that.

Speaking of Malicia, she flew out yesterday morning heading back to her home in Brenham, Texas.  She will be missed by all.  I don’t think the children know yet that she isn’t coming back, at least not for quite a while.

In three weeks we have a nurse coming to stay, her name is Sarah.  Can’t wait to meet her.  She is going to be staying busy!

We have had quite a few people here at the Onaville (Bon Repos) house coming down with the Chikungunka virus.  Most people get over it within a week to 10 days.  Many get a rash once the fever is gone.  They complain of bad headaches and joint pain as well.  It is really hard to not ever get bit by mosquitos…..

Well I am still loving Haiti after a month and look forward to what God has in store for the month of June!

Blessings to all!



5 thoughts on “1 Month in Haiti

  1. Martha

    Sharon, thank you so much for taking the time to post. We enjoy hearing how things are progressing at Belo. The people there became special to us quickly. The children will miss Malicia’s love a lot. I am glad they have you to care for them. We will pray for you and Ernie and the ministry there.

    • Thanks so much Martha, it is good to hear from people back in Texas:-) I have lots more to post just not much time to post and at this point out in Belo we don’t have good internet. We do have someone coming this week with Access Haiti to see if their high speed internet will work out there. We are praying that it will! I love being able to tell the stories.

  2. Rachel Schieck

    So very happy, excited and proud for you and Ernie!! We will continue to pray for you both! We love you guys !!! RS2

  3. Ferman and Rosalie Varnell

    We are so very happy and pray for you and Ernie! We also are praying for the children to learn also about God’s love. We will be continue to pray for you both. We love you both.

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