God’s perfect timing


On Monday night we were visiting here at the guest house with Loobens, Annuelle and baby Loodnaelle.  We were sharing and talking about being parents and all the challenges with the new baby that God had blessed them with.  She is such a sweet baby!  But, as any new mom knows, you can get very tired and sometimes it is hard being a new mom.  There is a lot of education that needs to take place for new mother’s – we will be working on that as well.

While we were talking Annuelle mentioned that she only had 3 diapers for the baby – we had no idea.  So we told her we would get her diapers the next day.

We found out on Tuesday that a box of ours had cleared customs and we could now pick it up.  It was the box that the ladies at Smiley First Baptist had sent us.  Guess what was in that box? Yep you guessed it!  Baby bags complete with packages of 10 cloth diapers in each!!  This box had been delayed for over two weeks in being released, yet we got it on the very day we needed diapers!  – God’s timing is always amazing!  Not only were their diapers and pins, but there were onsies, baby shampoo and other cleaning products, bottles, etc. in each hand sewn bag.  They really out did themselves.

Yesterday afternoon we presented a baby bag with all the goodies to Annuelle and Loobens and explained to them where it came from and how God had answered their need right after they had asked.  God is so very good!

Giving bag and explaining where it was from and what was in it.

Giving bag and explaining where it was from.



You can see Annuelle's pretty smile here

You can see Annuelle’s pretty smile here


Sweet baby Loodnaelle!



3 thoughts on “God’s perfect timing

  1. Nana Phyllis

    What a sweet answer to prayer! Hoping you encourage breast feeding which is probably one of the best things to encourage healthy babies! Such fun to see the way The Lord answers prevents before we ask!

    • Tommy, I really don’t have an email list, I haven’t figured out how to do that, but you can follow the blog and it will email it to you automatically when I update the blog.

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