Another busy week


Vernon Proctor and Bill McGee came to visit this week from Texas.  They worked on getting all the electrical set up in the new large house – thank you so much!!!  I didn’t get any pictures of them working but believe me they did.

Bill was really intrigued with how kids here make their own toys out of whatever is available.  Below is a spinning top they made out of empty tape rolls and a stick.

Spinning top

Spinning top 2

On Thursday Malicia and I had a baking day.  We baked cookies for the kids (thanks to Bill’s mom sending sugar cookie mix) and also homemade hot rolls for our dinner.

Homemade frost going on the cookies

Homemade frost going on the cookies


Malicia chose the colors – orange and blue – I wonder why those colors?  Did I mention she goes to Sam Houston.

Kids enjoying the cookies

Kids enjoying the cookies

Junya eating cooking

Junya had a mouth full here.

After worship service on Sunday we went driving to see some of the beaches.  This is one of the pretty areas with clear water. We met some sweet people that lived here too.

Beautiful water

Beautiful water

Bill and Vernon

Bill and Vernon enjoyed the relaxing day and found a few seashells along the shore.

We have had a very productive week.  Most of the electrical is in and the roof is about finished.  The guys also finished some electrical work on Saturday at Calvary Baptist church.

I am enjoying getting to know the people better.  I hope soon to start some bible story times with the children.  They also love to sing, and Malicia has taught them God is so Good in Creole.  – I just posted them singing on my Facebook page.

The Chikungunya Fever which is transmitted by mosquito is showing up in Haiti.  Many people have been getting sick from it.  Thankfully none of the people in our community have had it.  It causes high fever and very painful joints and extreme headaches.  A lady we know that lives in downtown Port au Prince was ill and Charly took her to the doctor.

I saw a picture today of the group of students that will be coming in July with Go Now Missions – they look like a great group!  Can’t wait to meet them.  I understand they got to take bucket baths while at orientation.  I hope it was with cold water:)

God is so Good and he continues to do things that only He can.  While it is a different culture here for sure, you can see God working all the time.

Thank you for your prayers and support.










2 thoughts on “Another busy week

  1. Earl and Linda Bishop

    So glad the box got there so quickly. Didn’t expect it so soon. Thanks for your kind words. Everybody did a great job. Brought tears to this old lady’s eyes. God Bless you both and your work. Love you, Linda Bishop

  2. Rebecca McGee Coats

    So glad the kids enjoyed the cookies. we will be working here to send more special treats as soon as we can figure out how to ship things.

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