Busy week


We took Mark and Rick to the airport on Monday. We then had many places to go.  We went to numerous stores to see where we could get food and supplies for the house.  To say I had sticker shock would be an understatement!  Most prices are at least double what they are in the states and some are much more.  Example an 8 oz. box of Velveeta cheese is over $5.00 here you could get 2 lbs. in the states for that price.  I am now making a list and writing down prices at different stores to figure out the best places to get things.

When we got back to the mountain on Tuesday we were working around the house when the lights went out – never a good sign.  Turns out the generator went out.  So we had no electricity or water that night.  The good news is that it was a rainy cool night so sleeping was good.  Ernie and Charly headed to Port au Prince (“PAP”) on Wednesday morning in search of a new generator.  While they were gone it started to rain – downpour would be a better word – for a long time!  Malicia and I decided to watch a movie (which was no easy task) turns out my new computer needs a driver update in order to read dvds:(  so we pulled out our little 7″ portable dvd player and began watching.  About half way thru it ran out of battery so she had to go in the rain to get hers next door.  It was pretty funny all the things we had to go to watch this movie.  We also had to lean into the screen to hear it above the hard rain on the tin roof.  But it was a fun time.

Because of the rain the big truck carrying the generator got stuck going up the mountain, so we had one more evening of no electricity or water.  Again is was a cool cloudy evening so sleep was good, praise the Lord.  Thursday morning the truck was unstuck and Charly was able to drive up the mountain!  Below are a few pics of the generator unload.





We have electricity and water now!  Thanks to a little help from all our Haitian friends!!





2 thoughts on “Busy week

  1. Judy childress

    I called Jodie this morning wanting word on y’all. She mentioned your blog so this evening, 12th. I have read the blogs you have written I will print them off for Joyful Hearts tomorrow? Will enjoy following you and Ernie on this blog….what modern technology can do for us!!
    Praying for you,
    Judy Childress

    • Yes it is great to have technology. I just got word the pots and pans are in!! We will pick up on our way to the mountain this afternoon:) Tell everyone hi for me and thanks for the cookware.

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