Settling In


Mark Clemmons and Rick Boles flew in with us and we have had many meetings with people seeing where Mark can train people in how to have RAs for the boys in Haiti. The 2 pastor’s we met with were very excited about RAs and really want to have GAs and Acteens for the girls – so we need some ladies to come help train too!  We also were looking for location where Rick can train welders.

We are getting things a little more organized. The big house looks so good, it was a slab when I left in December. Can’t wait til it is finished and we have kids living there.  I got to meet Malicia when we picked her up Friday. She has been such a big help. She has such a sweet heart especially toward the children. They love her and flock to her.  She helped a lot yesterday getting things organized!  Looking forward to getting to know her better.

We have met with many people in the last few days that need different types of help. Well drilling, food, help with food, etc.

We went to a wonderful thanksgiving service on Thursday wonderful preaching and singing and we were blessed with an interpreter who shared the whole sermon with us in English. It was all about being thankful for what you have, whether it is a little or a lot. Be thankful for your family, friends and all the things God has given you. We were there for about an hour and a half but it was going on all day. I would love to have stayed for more. The band was getting ready to play worship songs when we had to leave.

This morning we worshipped at Calvery Baptist church in Croix Hilliare.

I am still trying to figure out my oven. Still working on getting temp right using the oven thermometer I brought. I did successfully cook dinner last night and baked chocolate chip cookies – everyone seemed to enjoy them:)

We are now in Bon Repos because we have to take Rick and Mark to the airport in the morning. It has been great having them here!

I am typing on my kindle so will have to wait until next weekend to post pictures.

Hope everyone has a great week!


3 thoughts on “Settling In

  1. Nana Phyllis

    So good to hear you are settling in! Praying you feel at home quickly. Glad you and the oven are getting along!

  2. Rachel Schieck

    We are so happy to hear from you. And even happier to here about things there!! We’ll continue to pray for all that God has for you and Ernie! We love you both and look forward to the day we can come walk along side you for a bit !!

  3. Martha

    Your posts are a joy to us. It is good to hear how things are going in Haiti and how you are settling into your life there. We update our church with each picture you post of the big house. We share your excitement for the time there are children living there.

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